Meet the Coyotes – Marco

Marco playing touchAge is definitely not a barrier when it comes to touch! Meet Marco, a 54 year old man originally from Spain who plays for Coyotes. Marco recently accompanied the Coyotes on tour to Majorca and was the oldest player at the tournament. Here’s his story….

Got into it through friends and swainey’s league, that’s a great way of social groups having a go I played lots of rugby and other sports until I was about 27 but for some reason or other stopped, although have always kept active and cycle everywhere I do really enjoy touch. I dont find it a chore for me to enjoy exercise I need something to focus on, otherwise I get bored so the team work, chasing the ball, positioning myself, running lines, passing, receiving etc. keeps me interested. It has done loads for my fitness and weight loss – although I have to say that because of the recent tournament I went to in Majorca, I even started running to get fitter for the tournament ! The other aspects I enjoy – is the social aspect with people for different backgrounds etc and going to Majorca. It really helps to get away form the stresses of every day life and work . I am lucky enough to mostly enjoy my work – I am the Chief Exective of ProMo-Cymru Charity – but does carry responsibilities and stresses. When touch is on I have to leave work on time ! Thanks to the great people I have met that put real time and dedication into Touch. I have to say I feel quite good to say I played in a European Tournament and was the oldest there, there was a 16 year old on the team and i was the eldest at 54. it was also very sunny most of the time-can’t beat that in the middle of November Come and give touch a go. Your age doesn’t matter we are all young at heart.

Well done Marco! Great to have you in the team #coyotes­čÉ║

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